Get one loan at one fixed rate

Too often, students face high interest rates and a change in their financial situation which make student loans seem insurmountable. We’ll help you ease the financial burden by consolidating your loan into one loan with one fixed interest rate. You’ll learn about all available options before we assist you with negotiating fair terms. Call 516-522-2503 or toll-free at 888-347-1278 today to learn more about student loan consolidation in the Uniondale and Hempstead NY area.

We’ll help you navigate a pathway toward financial freedom

You’ve graduated college, landed your first job and are ready to start the rest of your life. Unfortunately, there’s a mountain of debt weighing you down. The Law Office of Natalie Jean-Baptiste, P.C. offers student loan consolidation to help you simplify your payment process. If you’re having trouble making payments, it could lead to:

Wage garnishment
Loss of financial aid
Asset seizures

Contact the Law Office of Natalie Jean-Baptiste, P.C. today to schedule a consultation with a student loan attorney in Uniondale, Hempstead NY and surrounding areas.